How Much is Too Much Beard Oil?

The phrase “The more the better” may have been embedded in the minds of many people when it comes to food, health products, or during a discount sale shopping spree. However, the countering question to this phrase is “How much is too much?”. We’ve heard of people applying large doses of beard oils on their facial hair as they believe that it needs as many nutrients as possible. While it is great that people like these love their beards very much and have the essential products to maintain their beard, but there is also a limit to how much we place these extra nutrients into our facial hairs.

It actually comes down to common sense and how much you love massaging beard oil into your facial hair. Some people love the oil so much due to its fragrant smell and its non-greasy texture compared to natural beard oil like pure jojoba and argan oil. But just like the hair on our scalp, we can only put so much conditioner on our hair before it starts to build up and leave your hair oilier than it was before. So if you put too much beard oil, it will definitely leave your beard oily.

Even though beard oils are a volatile substance, which means that it evaporates fairly which requires users to apply these oils quickly before it’s gone. But applying more and more beard oils than needed causes build up and affects the texture of your beard. Instead of looking soft and sleek, it could turn out flat and oily instead.

So to answer the question, using too much beard oil to the point where your beard is already evenly moisturized will make your beard oily. An oily beard is not something you want in your face and very difficult to wash off.