Why is iOS Considered Safer than Android?

It has been a long debate on whether or not Apple’s iOS system is better than the Android OS and we can see the reason why as many tech experts explore both systems to spot its the best and the weak sides of these devices.

iOS has long been considered to have one of the safest operating systems as Apple does not allow applications from unknown sources to be downloaded. While this can certainly be done by jailbreaking the operating system, however, this will instantly degrade the value of what has been known to be a relatively expensive product compared to Android products. Apple has an important reason for this as downloading foreign applications that do not come from the official app store can bring risks to your phone, like malware infection and unwanted hackers intercepting your phone.

Android, on the other hand, is a great platform for both regular users and developers alike. Android OS is easily customizable with new interfaces as well as allow users to include various widgets that can make their smartphones better and more useful. Not only that, Android OS’s can transfer files in and out the device and a computer via a USB port without needing an application to do it for you like iOS, which can be quite a hassle for some people. But, as Android is an open source OS, this makes it much more vulnerable to malware attacks as users are allowed to download unknown sources applications for their own purposes. This simple factor easily makes people see why iOS has higher security environments.

But, it isn’t all that bad. Android users often enjoy the flexibility of using new themes from various developers to shape their smartphone’s look and feel. Not only that, you can easily test new applications under development. Plus, if you’re someone who’s trying to learn cybersecurity and hacking, Android OS is a better platform to test your application. No matter if its applications like WhatsApp hack or if you want to learn how to hack WhatsApp and other social media services, there is always an operating system just right for you.